About The Author

Along with over twenty years of experience working with children, Pina Intrieri became involved in freelance writing, conducting research, workshops and speaking events on children’s issues. She credits her life experiences as the precursor to the revelations she received.

After years of investigation, daily meditations, prayers, intense self-reflection, and finally, first hand extraordinary “downloads,” from the Divine, The Book of Unus Sumus was born.

work that inspire me

My inspiration comes from the Divine, as well as, the people, events and life situations I experience every day.  Inspiration is all around me. Meditating and raising my frequency helps me align to the benevolent and unconditionally loving revelations of Spirit. 

The messages within the pages of my books inspire others to seek enlightenment and empowerment and awaken to the knowledge that we are so much more than we know. Align, Allow, Accept. Read each day. Discover each day. Expand each day. Unus Sumus Beautiful Souls!

Customers reviews

The author shares her personal journey to the awakening and empowerment of true spiritual enlightenment. Our connection to a universal source of love and light is clearly explained and depicted, including daily reflections to guide us through our own path - this is an excellent book!
Reviewed in Canada on January 31, 2022
An enlightening book on the joy and freedom of true spiritual empowerment!
The Book of Unus Sumus is truly the one source for which I receive daily inspirational messages. This book has enlightened me to embark on a new adventure and a new spiritual experience, as I have a more expanded view of Christianity. I encourage everyone who wants to break free from the restrictive box that we have been placed in, to open yourself to a more expansive and enlightened energy and new beginnings. Take your first step by purchasing this AMAZING inspirational read!
Reviewed in Canada on February 28, 2022
AMAZING Inspirational Read!!!!